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It’s always great to report on a time of achievement and celebration, and staff and young people at Tigh Abaid have had double reason to do so.

Firstly, fun was in the air when a surprise birthday party was planned for one of the young ladies at Tigh Abaid.

The birthday girl is very popular at Tigh Abaid, and everyone joined in planning for the party, organising a bubble machine, balloons, and music, as well as making her a birthday cake.

From having little spontaneous speech when she first joined us in August last year, which often left her frustrated, our amazing and dedicated staff team have helped her make great progress. The team began by introducing PECS to her, offering choices through pictures and supporting that through Makaton sign language.

The team continuously modelled speech back to her so she could hear the words she needed. Senior support worker Holly Earl told us: “This young lady has displayed a preference for verbal language and now less than a year on, she is able to initiate communication and speak in sentences. Being able to express her needs means that she is more contented and there are even early signs of a budding friendship with a new young person at Tigh Abaid.

“And she loved her surprise party. Everyone was particularly excited about getting Domino’s pizza!”


Secondly, our students at Calman Colaiste have returned some fantastic results recently. The results are huge achievements for the individuals involved, as well as for our incredible staff team who have facilitated these processes for the students.

The following results have been confirmed:

  • 11 learners have passed Entry Level 1 English – Listening and Responding Unit J/505/3415
  • Four learners have passed Entry Level 1 Mathematics – 603/5057/X
  • Four learners have passed Entry Level 2 Mathematics – 603/5053/2
  • Two learners have passed Entry Level 3 Mathematics – 603/5061/1

Well done, everybody!

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