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This young person loves strawberries!

This young person loves strawberries! These are a very important part of his daily routine and remind him of home. And so, one bright sunny day, he chose to grow his own strawberries. Staff helped him to understand where strawberries come from and what a plant needs to grow. This was done using visual symbols to supplement speech during an area gathering for the young people who live at Hawthorn House. The young person then went to our local garden centre and chose his strawberry plants and seeds, gathering also what he’d require to help them grow, such as watering cans and a spray bottle. He chose his plants based on their smell, then put the plants into the trolley before taking them to the tills and returning home to plant them. Since, this young person has been supported to remember to water his plants every other day and regularly prune them. His first strawberry was a big juicy red one and without hesitation, he picked it off of the vine and ate it. He has really enjoyed receiving praise for this achievement and will seek out the ripened strawberries to add to his daily punnets.

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