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Advanced Sensory Integration training is added to the tool kit at Kisimul

Congratulations to Louise Kennedy-Taylor, the Occupational Therapy Lead at Kisimul, on becoming an Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner (SI module Level 4). Louise plays a big part in the therapy team here at Kisimul and her recent studies with Sheffield Hallam University and Sensory Integration Education UK will enable Louise to use advanced applied neuroscience within her assessment and therapeutic approaches.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a fundamental part of what we offer to our young people here at Kisimul. Due to their complex needs, our young people can struggle to develop a routine or range of occupations in their lives that enables them to feel fulfilled. With support from the Occupational Therapy team, our young people’s wellbeing can improve through achieving greater independence and more opportunities to access a range of activities and experiences.


OT outcomes include:

  • Supporting more independence with washing, dressing, cooking and feeding themselves
  • Supporting access to the community, using transport and going shopping
  • Supporting access to leisure activities such as physical activity and sport
  • Helping people with their sensory and emotional regulation. A sensory integration based approach can be used to support this

Now that Louise has completed this qualification, her advanced knowledge within sensory integration will further support our young people to increase their independence and participation in activities within their home, school and the wider community. Sensory integration is believed to be necessary for almost every activity that we perform, as the processing of multiple sensory inputs is essential for us to comprehend our surroundings. Young people with learning disabilities and autism generally require a lot of support to help them organise their senses and process sensory messages.

We know this will enhance the great support that our therapists already offer young people and staff and Louise is certainly looking forward to putting her recent studies into practice.

“Thank you Kisimul, for funding and supporting my training in Ayres’ Sensory Integration Intervention and Advanced Topics – Advanced Practitioner (Level 4) with Sheffield Hallam University and Sensory Integration Education UK. Completing the qualification has enhanced my clinical and supervisory practice as well as enabled me to spread knowledge and understanding of sensory processing difficulties (Sensory Literacy) experienced by many of the people we support”.

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