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Our staff make the world of difference to the families we support.

Every young person in our care goes through a programme of learning which is specifically personalised to their needs, creating a bond between the families and the school which can last for many years.

We are always touched when our families go out of their way to show how grateful they are for the progress we have been able to make with our young people.

The parents of one of the young people at Kisimul School Swinderby paid a visit to us recently to personally say ‘thank you’ for the care he had received over the past seven years, praising the compassion and dedication the staff had shown along the way. He has made such good progress since he began his Kisimul journey with us, and is shortly due to transition to an adult unit.

We loved to hear the parents talk in such positive terms about their son’s development, and we were surprised but delighted when they presented us with a magnificent cake they had arranged to be made (even adorned with the Kisimul logo!), together with chocolate, a lovely card and gifts. It really was such a kind gesture, so we made sure we shared what they had brought between the school and residential care staff.

The young person’s key worker was also given a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which brought a smile to everyone’s face and, as one member of staff put it: “We were truly thankful for what the family did, and wish them all well on the next stage of their journey.”

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