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We were delighted to welcome Ofsted recently on a visit to Swinderby children’s homes.

Owing to the current situation with Covid-19, routine inspections have been suspended, but Ofsted are carrying out what are called Assurance Visits in the interim.

Our inspection went very well, to the extent that the inspectors even sent a message to the children at the homes after the visit thanking them for making them feel so welcome, and saying they had enjoyed seeing them taking part in fun activities at the homes.

And the good news didn’t end there – we were so pleased to hear they thought the children had “positive and trusting” relationships with staff. They also commented that children had “improved their communication skills. This has enabled children’s specific needs to be better understood and met.”

The inspectors also noted that staff understood and managed risks well, and that safeguarding procedures are adhered to fully.

We were pleased too that they picked up that staff had worked creatively throughout the pandemic, that good morale had been maintained, and that children had been kept “busy and active” during a time of restrictions for us all.

We had also taken on board comments Ofsted had made on their last inspection, so we were delighted that they concluded by saying: “The home has improved in all areas since the last full inspection and continues to improve in all areas.”

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