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“Very supportive and knowledgeable staff – great environment.”


“I find communication to be extremely prompt and staff are strong advocates for my young person.”

(Social Worker)

“Thank you for the wonderful time and energy you have put into caring for N.”


“I have been uplifted to hear the genuine kindness , patience, support, encouragement and respect for the young people and always without exception from the staff.”

(Social Worker)

” It’s been a pleasure to work with Acacia, I wish both the staff and ‘A’ the best of luck for the future”

(Social Worker)

“Many thanks for your ongoing support, especially through what must have been an incredibly difficult couple of months, it really is appreciated”

(Social Worker)

“There are no words I would put in this card that could adequately convey our gratitude and thanks for all you have done for B during his time at Acacia. It has been such a comfort for us to know that he was being treated with such respect, kindness and care. We would especially like to thanks you all for all that you have done this year as I know you have gone over and above to support B and his peers through the periods of lockdown. We wish  you all the very best of health and happiness  and thank you so much for everything”


“Safeguarding is effective. Leaders work closely with external partners to ensure that pupils are kept safe-Ofsted Education”

(Ofsted Education)

“I have regular and good-quality communication from staff. I am informed of any incidents and safeguarding matters have been appropriately referred to me”

(Ofsted Care)

Kisimul Parent

“M receives excellent education and care – staff are always friendly and we get weekly updates. She gets a good range of activities, and have been able to build on her confidence.”

“One parent summed up the experiences of others in describing the difference as ‘immeasurable’. For example, pupils’ improved communication and social skills and behaviour mean that they are able to enjoy trips and experiences that were previously not possible.”

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