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George’s Story

Aggressive and unpredictable behaviour can be a major concern for some of the families of young people we look after.

Before George joined us at Kisimul, the smallest change could trigger anxiety and agitation he lacked focus and was frequently exhibiting self injurious behaviour and was confrontational The reassurance and support of our staff means he has made significant progress in managing his emotional regulation, and has learned to request sensory aids to help the process.

George now only exhibits a small amount of behaviours of concern and has education and learning support, which has helped him make amazing progress. Work on his motor skills means he now makes cups of tea under supervision (at school and home!), makes his own bed and is much better at his washing routine.

The improvement in emotional regulation means George regularly enjoys activities in the local community, and with the support of key workers had a day trip to London, travelling on the underground, taking a turn on the London Eye sightseeing and taking in a musical.

His ability to access the community had also been limited because of a fear of dogs before he came to Kisimul. But Animal Assisted Therapy sessions mean he is no longer scared, and the family has even decided to get a dog!

George has improved so much with us that his confidence and personality shine through, and he has blossomed into a very charismatic young man.

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