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Woodstock House

Woodstock House

Woodstock House is the children’s home associated with Kisimul School Surrey, and offers residential provision for up to 61 young people with autism, learning disabilities and complex needs, including behaviours of concern.


The home provides a safe and caring environment where the focus is on the individual and where young people strive, thrive and grow towards independence; in short, the voices of the young people are central to everything we do.

Set within eight acres of peaceful, quiet grounds on the edge of a Surrey village, accommodation at Woodstock House is in three separate buildings divided into five areas – Bryn, Briana, Avalina, Mireagach and Tigh Lurach. We cater for both boys and girls aged between eight and 19.

The home is just one mile from Surbiton town centre, and therefore easily accessible by train or car.

Our Statement of Purpose is available to view/download here.

Our approach

The philosophy of the home is steeped in the understanding of respect for every person as an individual, and in addressing the specific requirements of young people with a wide range of severe learning disabilities. Because of the difficulties that the young people at the home face, we see enjoyment and achievement as an integral part of their lives.

Coupled with everything Kisimul School Surrey can offer, we therefore provide a 24-hour, broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum through a variety of activities which both meet individuals’ needs but also reflect their creative, intellectual, physical and social interests and skills. A structured timetable for evenings and weekends ensures everyone in the home has a chance to take part in recreational and leisure activities either within the home itself or within the local community.

Irrespective of background or religion, Woodstock House will strive to meet individual needs. The rights of all young people are respected and promoted as a basic principle of Woodstock House and the group, which states that every young person is valued for themselves as an individual, irrespective of any aspect of their background, or any other personal or cultural characteristic. There are an ethnic diversity of staff and young people at Woodstock House.

There is a very strong focus on quality and safety at Woodstock House and it prides itself on providing safe and effective services. There is a structured approach to monitoring and maintaining high quality standards which is reviewed frequently by the senior management team to ensure continuous improvement across the site.


Every young person has their own room, which is designed to meet their specific needs. Furnishings are chosen to help create an atmosphere that is robust yet homely, and bedrooms are personalised with the individual’s choice of décor and accessories.


Activities take place in small groups or on an individual basis, and might typically include trips to central London, swimming, bowling, shopping or excursions to the cinema, concerts, zoos, farms, wildlife and adventure parks. All activities undertaken are in line with the needs of the individual and under the supervision of suitably-qualified staff, and comply with guidelines and policies.

We are mindful also of the range of interests of young people and provide MP3 players, computers, PlayStations and iPads to enable people to fulfil their interests in video, gaming and music. Age appropriate activities such as pamper days for older girls, meals out in the evening, cooking and trips to the library are good examples of the rich experiences offered at the home, in order that the young people can participate in life as fully as possible. Multi-sensory rooms and soft rooms are also available across the site, as well as a purpose-built playground and play equipment within the grounds.

Staff & Therapeutic Services

Woodstock House prides itself on our staff, each of whom is trained to recognise the types of challenges that young people in this group face in achieving their full educational potential. All staff have the opportunity to aspire to and obtain qualifications and certificates of attainment.

We have a large therapy team that forms an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team. The teams work very closely together to advise, guide and support staff in meeting the very complex needs of the young people by developing and implementing individualised support and skill development plans. See more information on our Therapeutic Services here.


Woodstock House follows the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (OPED 05) in line with The Local Safeguarding Board. The local procedure is framed in the context of the company’s overall policy and procedure. Full training in the appropriate procedures is provided as part of the induction process for each new member of staff and reinforced in periodic refresher training and through supervision.

It is the philosophy of the group that the overriding principle to be followed is that the young person’s welfare is paramount and this takes precedence over doubt. This means that all allegations made by young people or adults will be taken seriously and investigated accordingly.

No form of bullying nor intimidation is tolerated anywhere within Woodstock House, irrespective of who the victim or perpetrator may be. The overall philosophy on these issues is set out in the company’s comprehensive behaviour policy.

The school year

The home offers offer up to 52 weeks of residential provision. The associated school, Kisimul School Surrey, operates a conventional three-term school year over 38 weeks of full-time education.

The school has a number of classrooms with no more than seven young people to a class, which is staffed on a very high staffing ratio in order to achieve all targets, supported by their Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

All pupils have a Statement of Special Education Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan and an Individual Learning Plan tailored to what each young person needs. There is also access to the National Curriculum with differentiation appropriate to the pupil’s level of cognitive ability and attention span.

Contact details

Woodstock House, Surbiton, Surrey.

For further information please call or email: 01522868279 or

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